Typical weekly visits last 3 hours. The Helpercorner Helper will initially conduct a thorough examination of safety and cleanliness according to the Helpercorner process. The Helpercorner Helper will then perform any other tasks based on the checklist created for the home as well share some quality time. Once the visit is completed, the report will be posted on your account online so that you are updated at all times.

We help you make sure that your loved one's home is comfortable, safe and clean. All the while your loved one is in charge – it’s their house and their rules.

Real- Time Updates

Involved family members are updated via their individual accounts on the web and are available to speak on the phone with the Helpercorner Helper at any time.

Security we Provide

At Helpercorner we are very selective about our team members and we choose. All of the Helpercorner Helpers are chosen based on having patience, listening skills and attentiveness. All Helpercorner Helpers are bonded and insured. Background checks are conducted on all of the helpers prior to hiring. We take the time with your loved ones very seriously and make your satisfaction our first priority.