1 Does Helpercorner carry liability coverage?

Yes, Helpercorner carries full liability insurance coverage and all our Helpercorner Helpers are screened professionally, trained, bonded and insured.

2 Do you conduct national and local criminal background checks of all employees?

Absolutely. We will not even consider a candidate with a criminal background of any kind and without a clean driving record.

3 Are caregivers employees of your company (not contractors) and protected by Workers’ Compensation?

Our commitment to the highest quality in-home non-medical care means that Helpercorner will never hire short-term contractors. All Helpercorner Helpers are employees of our company and are protected by Workers’ Compensation.

4 How can I get an updates on what the Helpercorner Helper is doing for my loved one?

Each Helpercorner Helper maintains a record of each visit. You will be able to log in to your account and review this report at any time. This report includes dates of visits, activities, and observations from the dedicated Helper Corner Helper. (View Sample Report). You will always be up to date on what is happening. From this report, you can easily email the Helpercorner Helper with questions or comments or set up time for a phone conference.

5 What if my loved one’s needs change over time?

As long as independent in-home living is the goal, Helpercorner Helpers can adapt and change to assist with that goal.

6 Does it cost anything to try your service?

No, the first in-home visit which includes a home safety evaluation is free. Should it ever be necessary, upon request, we’ll replace your Helpercorner Helper with another to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

7 Since I’m across the country, will I really be able to speak candidly with the Helpercorner Helper taking care of my mother?

Our professional Helpercorner Helpers are trained in communication skills with your loved one as well as with the family member. The Helpercorner Helper will communicate to you, the family member, any change in your loved one’s behavior, The objective is to provide the best possible care for your loved one without creating more stress for you.

8 What if I don’t like my Helpercorner Helper?

We take pride in selecting and training our representatives to be a trusted, compassionate partner for your loved one. If at any time, you or your loved one prefers a change we will gladly and quickly make that change.